JAHA Group: Company Overview and Achievements

Welcome to JAHA Group, a dynamic company operating across Kosovo, Albania, Germany, and several other European countries. Established with a commitment to excellence and innovation, JAHA Group has established itself as a leader in multiple industries through its dedication to quality, integrity, and sustainable growth.

Our Team

At JAHA Group, our success is driven by our dedicated and qualified management team. With over 1000 employees across various branches, we prioritize selecting and nurturing the best talent. We foster an environment of trust, open communication, and support for our team members' visions and ideas, ensuring we operate as a cohesive unit.

Our Core Values

  • Excellence: We focus on leveraging cutting-edge technologies to enhance our project outcomes and maintain high standards in everything we do.
  • Integrity: Leading from the front, we uphold integrity in all our interactions, using facts and transparency to guide our decisions and communications.
  • Collaboration: We believe in fostering a culture of collaboration and trust, driving positive change within our organization and beyond.
  • Accountability: We take ownership of our commitments and hold ourselves accountable for delivering results that exceed expectations.

What We Do

  • Energy Industry: Production of Solar Panels
  • Food Industry: Processing Vegetables
  • Industrial Sector: Production of Industrial Blasting Material
  • Construction:
    • Drilling
    • Blasting
    • Concrete Production
    • Road Construction
    • Building Construction
  • Oil Business: Wholesale and Retail Sale of Fuel & Oils




+ 383 38 401 234

Str. Ismail Qemajli 150 10000 Prishtina, Kosova